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Though i was a delhiite, it was never easy for me to adjust with new people .Hello and bye were the only two words which i used to utter and somehow people thought i was arrogant,some thought i was cocky, some thought i was snobby and my society members had a grievance that i don’t talk as i was going through all this shit something even worse happened my school best friend lost her father .It was heart rending , i was confused,i didn’t know what to do,i didn’t know how to console her,i felt my words had no worth,i didn’t have someone to share things with ,i felt lonesomeness.                                                                                                                                                                                             Then i realized the worth of people around,i was still in my school phase it was very difficult for me to leave my friends but now i had to move on,i had to get along with new people around and often these are the people who help you to learn and laugh. i realized i need to change at times to get to my destinations,my aims….

Bit by bit
My muteness was changed to sharing,writing,building stories,plays,dramas
My self effacement changed to expressing oneself in disgust, sadness, happiness,fear,anger, and in surprise
My disbelief changed to trusting, experiencing and feeling others believes
Dramatics helped me to connect, to feel, to express. Here i met 2 most amazing people,with whom i could share,laugh ,cry,sing, dance,fight,rely.We also went through some bad experiences ,people…we were abused,ill treated but why to think of bad when we have so many good things to share.

After few months bunking classes, proxies, crawling out of class from back door,chit chatting(bitching for some),going to washrooms in lectures and never getting back ( advice: do it when you are done with your attendance and ask your friend to throw your bag out from the window ) ,attending boring seminars just to get into air conditioned rooms ,begging lecturers to postpone tests or accepting late assignments,screaming “bhaiya dosa with extra coconut chatini jaldi “,outstation friends grappling your ghar ka khanna,

student sleeping

sleeping in lectures (and trust me they are the best naps you have ever had),celebrating your friend’s birthday with maggi cake,nescafe,canteen,coke studio,across becomes a daily dose of your college days
And the people who think you don’t have to study in college, just stop day dreaming guys
Because let me remind you while  taking admission in  schools and then in college  we take an oath that

We the students of india
Pledge that
Studies are the only thing we are passionate about
We’ll not dare to participate in any other activity
We promise to get 99% in every exam no matter how
We’ll never make our society and parents feel distraught

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Ready …..steady …….go!!!!!!


After 12th exams your life becomes tougher ,

you give entrances,

some pass, some fails, some think of their favourite streams ,some think of suicidal attempts , some get into colleges and some wait but this time not to fail but to achieve something great .

You leave your school,your friends, your teachers, your memories behind. School life cycle ends up there. You are now newly born you now  have much to learn, experience and apply.

Soon you get admission to a college you become james bond 007 and search each and every thing about your college…You read college’s prospectus several times,you look for best societies,fests,vacations, trips…..you go for shopping ,get good haircut ,go to parlours ,you do everything to look good….you buy novels of durjoy dutta or shiva trilogy to show off even if you find them damn boring ..you get blackberry,galaxy or iphone to follow the trend..


I got admission in one of the prominent girls college of delhi.For my first day of college I was very excited,curious,nervous, agitated .when i entered the college i found anti ragging, non-smoking zone,safe women posters then i moved towards seminar hall for the orientation …opps!! wait it’s not seminar hall  it’s sem hall…..you need to learn alot of abbreviations girl…… as all the freshers were entering the sem hall i heard a girl asking her friend  to “check out juniors”… Remember ignoring is the best policy… and most importantly get used to this word “Junior”,as the day you are assigned by this name …..you were officially hired as an assistant or let me put it straight and name you as slaves…you can forget your names but never ever forget your identity …You are a JUNIOR even if you lose your memory !!!! Gajjini!!!

In your first week you first need to find out your troop and get timetable,books,etc for your classes ,you then need to register and give auditions  for being a part of society.i went for street play and theatre…..i was selected for both …..Street play auditions were great.We were actually ragged in the auditions.But it was great fun and no one was forced.We were asked to act a raping scene,sing jingles, we were given lines like “mei sanki hu”,”i am a bitch” to express in 5 emotions.But in the end i choose theatre ….i use to attend my classes in morning and practices from 3pm to 7 pm. In theatre society we were 13 students in which 8 of them were seniors and 5 of us were juniors…

I learned alot from theatre

you should always get in one of the society it gives you exposure,confidence and you have a lot of fun there….

but their is always another side of coin too……….

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oh!!! GOD …i think college and problems are best buddies!!!!

All set in your new Pg,hostels,or rented house or do i call it concentration camp where landlords rule our lives.
I am sure you would have
a roommate who stinks like skunks

(-“here is a gift for you deo,,,please use it or get lost”)images
a roommate who use your favourite cloths without even asking you(-“That shirt doesn’t even suit you…Give it back!!!”)
a roommate who keeps on irritating by his/her boring talks (-“Not interested… da!!!”)
a roommate who steals your stuff (-“you will soon be on a tv show SANSANI …you crook”)
a roommate who smokes (-“Moron stop it or i’ll be a passive smoker”)
I wish i would have said all this to my roommates what i have written here!!!!
And the “INTELLIGENT” people who thought their life would be easier without those irritating roommates ,time bounds, tasteless food,hitler aunties spoils it all by wasting their time in searching food processor, microwave oven, refrigerator ,ac or cooler, maid….

images (3)
Frame stories so that somehow their landlords believe that the guy/girl sitting in our room is our brother or sister.
And above all are the STUDIES

But wait a second where are they.
No one ever introduced us to them.
Leave it !!!!
Make your own notes,Buy new books which could be as expensive as fastrack watches or bags
Now who’ll buy such expensive books, let’s go shop and have some good food !!!!
Admit it!!!
We all have gone through it ,
But how do you handle all these problems.
Tell us your experiences,stories and nuskaas (solutions)
Till then,
Focus on your studies
Manage your time effectively
Make great friends
Be a part of at least one activity going on in your campus
Be at your best

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Students go accommodation hunting!!

So are you a student, looking for accommodation in a new city. How many times, has every student wondered, if only this was an easier process! From going lane by lane looking for “TO LET” or “PG AVAILABLE” posters, to clinching on to relatives and friends, just to get a place you might move out of after a few months. And staying in a hotel always makes us take quick decisions, that might save us a few bucks on Hotel cost today, but will be the ones we regret in a few months time.

Nowadays it is easy to find a needle in a haystack but not pg or hostel. Accommodation is always next big thing after sky-high cut offs and those hard to crack entrances. If we get good space the people are not, if the people are good the locations are not, on the other hand food is a drop that spills the glass and transportation adds to the endless list.


Ribbet collageBeing new to a City has its own challenges. The first problem which we come across is finding localities which are nearby our college or campus and trust me for an outsider understanding the names of the localities in a day is hard enough, let alone trying to figure out is it close enough or far away. This experience gets horrible when Delhi ka auto walla bhaiya makes you feel like Mukherjee Nagar and Vijay Nagar are poles apart.

Somehow after we are able to finalize a place where he would want to stay, next go to Susheel properties or Modiki associates where a sweet and genuine uncle get you in a good location pg/hostel with all the amenities at a good discount. But this will also involve, him taking you to irrelevant places, and you walking  around for weeks, till then your hotel bill has shot up and you might as well have spent the rent of a semester staying there only. And after shifting to pg/hostel you realize you are paying double on your food and other day to day resources just because you didn’t choose a locality which was more affordable for the students. Now all this gets you into real trouble as it is not about staying there for few days or months, it is about a year. Remember you signed a bond??

Eventually all the hard work and money goes in vain when you doesn’t get a good locality and proper resources around. so always remember to get a pg/hostel where students already live as wherever students stay the locality starts a trend to get in affordable food joints  to a laundry shop nearby.

Now after so much cribbing  let me tell you the solution because  pg or hostel is a place where you live, share, learn, love, forgive, laugh, cry, make friends and eventually it becomes your life and nobody want a messed up life right?

So, here comes the Campuspedia.in trying to do its part in helping students.

Campuspedia.in is online platform for the students and by the students. We are trying to build a platform where students can find accommodation and to help you save the hassle of spending weeks trying to figure out a place to stay.Here you just need to select your campus and you are done. But such initiatives work only when students want to help out each other. If you can provide information about a PG or a hostel, go right ahead and post it on Campuspedia.in. If you are looking for one, go and check out hundreds of listing on our website, before actually spending time in visiting these places.

Ribbet collage 1For finding a pg or hostel you need to follow these easy steps

  • Register on www.campuspedia.in
  • Select your college or campus
  • Go to explore, select pg or hostels

We are trying to solve this problem piece by piece. Hopefully enough students would want to see such a platform emerge and help us solve the problem.

Meanwhile you could also help other students by adding pg or hostels, reviews or photos as we believe ‘no one has ever become poor by giving’.

Do checkout Campuspedia.in and give us your thoughts on the system, and let us know where we can improve. We have just begun the long journey to solving problems faced by students. Your feedback  will help us understanding and solving the problems better.

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